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American Studies Term Paper Topics

American Revolution and Intergroup Conflict Theory.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the roles played by Intergroup Conflict Theories in the American Revolution at various stages of its development, and how they can help to explain the colonist's motivation to join the cause. The theories to be discussed include Freud's Frustration-Aggression Theory, as well as Relative Deprivation Theory and Resource Mobilization Theory. In the course of any study on any revolutionary war, the question of why individuals choose to join a revolutionary group is a key question. The question provides conversational fodder for psychologists, political scientists, economists and sociologists alike. In this examination we will focus on three Intergroup Conflict Theories, to delve into the question from a psychological point of view. The first theory to be touched upon is Freud's Frustration-Aggression Theory.

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American Society, Marijuana and Public Policy.

This paper will explore American societal views towards marijuana, what significant influences have shaped these views and how, in turn, these views have shaped legislation relating to marijuana. American society, driven by important media actors, is currently in the process of a significant reconsideration of marijuana's position in our culture. This paper will provide a historical and sociological context of the evolution of American society's views towards marijuana so that the current debate regarding legalization and the medical use of marijuana might be better understood. 

American Society: Parameters Marking Its Growth.

This paper according to the dissertation help service will attempt to indicate some of the main social, economic and cultural parameters that marked the growth of American society in the years from the revolution to the aftermath of reconstruction. It indicates a path of increasing differentiation in a society that continued to believe in the ostensible ideals of its earliest settlers. 

American Tragedy : A Fallen Dream.

In this paper an essay assistant presents a discussion about An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser. The author of this paper presents a clear-cut idea and discussion about the American Dream and what it truly represents in theory and foundation even as we advance in the future. 

American's Role in Maintaining Peace for All.

This paper answers the question: Should the United States play a role in maintaining Peace around the world. This paper specifically looks Palestinian Conflicts and the role the US should or should not play in that conflict. 

Americans and the New Market Economy of the Jacksonian Era.

This paper will argue that the majority of Americans of the Jacksonian era welcomed the new market economy that Jackson fostered and came to symbolize.

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