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How to Find True Love and Soul Mate


How to find your true love and soul mate is quite likely, the single most sought after desire for men and women the world over.  We all want happiness in love and in life.  We are all seeking that one true love that will complete us, grow old with us and see us through the many phases of life both good and bad.

A soul mate understands, empathises, encourages and guides you. True love brings a calmness and security unparalleled by any other relationship you may encounter.  Through the ages, history has recorded great sacrifices, gallant victories and noble deeds, all in the name of true love. There is absolutely no person on this earth, who is not in search of his or her soul mate. We simply were not meant to go through this life alone.

Understanding this basic genetic need for a partner, we embark on a mission of romance, determined to find our one true love and soul mate. Unfortunately, finding that person is easier said than done, and we often acquire a few bumps and bruises on our journey, which leaves us wondering if that special someone is really out there.


The only thing stopping you from finding your soul mate is you. Now, before you launch into a redirect of broken hearts and unrequited love sagas, keep in mind, I am referring to your one true love and soul mate.  Just because you have not found that person yet, does not mean he or she is not out there, waiting for you. However, if you give up, and resign yourself to a life of solitude, then that is exactly the life you will live.  However, if you really want to find that special someone, step out of the loneliness of single life and open your heart to the possibilities all around you.

Learn from your past

Past relationships that did not work out, speak volumes about your potential soul mate.  Each relationship is a stepping-stone of discovery on your journey to true love. Rather than beat yourself up about the ones that got away, learn from the experience. Perhaps you have discovered that meeting someone at a club is no good since you do not like the party life.  Maybe you've realized that having someone who looks good on your arm is not nearly as satisfying as someone who can honestly make you laugh.  Perhaps you decided your perfect mate is not the one who enjoys five star dinners, but a backyard barbeque complete with burnt potatoes.

If you really want to know how to find your true love and soul mate, the secret is finding yourself first.  Once you have done that, "the right one" will be able to find the true you.  So don't be shy; but certainly give up on being coy.  Once you know who you are, never be afraid to put yourself out there.  Try an online dating profile, and fill out who you are and what you like candidly.  Learn what you can from your past and then leave all the baggage behind as you continue down the winding road to true love and happiness.